PALS Early Childcare Education Training

We provide training and consulting services for early-childhood care educators
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Why PALS Training

At PALS, we want to make every effort to find what works for each individual child and their family, and how to ensure that childhood educators have access to ongoing training and education. Our certified occupational therapist has over twenty-four years involved in Early Childhood Development, is experienced in practicing and teaching various developmental methods, and has both her Masters’s and Doctorate as an Occupational Therapist. Additionally, we have access to a team of other healthcare/child development professionals such as speech therapists, counselors, special education teachers to name a few, that assist in our training.

Our Early Childhood Education Planner

A well-thought weekly planner for Early Childhood Educators

What We Do

Being an Early Childhood Educator isn’t always easy, but PALS believes that ongoing training and education is essential to learning and practicing new information that ensures the health and safety of the children in our care. This kind of training and education helps child care providers learn and practice new teaching skills and can give providers ideas and resources on how to deliver quality child care.

At PALS, we offer many different training styles to help build an amazing foundation in your center and for both the children and families in your care. This includes Teacher/Director and administration training taught by therapists and educators from the pediatric realm as well as online courses taught by our licensed Doctor of Occupational Therapy. In addition, we also offer Professional Development Day, which allows you to customize your topics for your next training/meeting, and if you would like to host a training/workshop you can earn great benefits such as reduced cost and select topics.

Our Training Services

At PALS we offer a variety of professional development and training services for our early childhood educators with training available to all directors, assistant directors, and administration.